Preparation for Esoteric Teacher and Healer Certification ~ Ongoing through August 2019

Quintessence Collaborative is an innovative social enterprise model for Certified Esoteric Teachers & Healers. Based in the Ottawa Region, it supports a model of team support and individual flexibility.

Consider becoming a team member with Quintessence Collaborative!

This year begins a new era, where we can prepare those choosing to take the next step to become Esoteric Teachers &/or Healers. We can now train and support your practical learning, prior to your certification and initiation as a Teacher, in Utah this August. You can then begin to earn money, that you can use toward the training investment. How is this possible? Certification requires you to be able to demonstrate sufficient understanding and skill. Here in Ottawa, we have a team and a new and innovative business model to support you! For the 2019 Program Details Read More…