Our homes are our sanctuary away from the culture and the stresses and pulls of the outside world. To honour our human psychology, our homes need to feel safe, peaceful and energetically separate from the outside world. They also need to be clear of the “echoes” of the people who lived there before you did, or the bad mood of the guy who was building your kitchen! Over time these “echoes’ tend to build up and then an energetic “house clearing” is necessary to create a fresh start.

New Home Clearing and Blessing: Great for Getting Your House to Sell Faster or Making Your New-To-You House Truly Your Home

These services are also so valuable for Realtors to speed up sales of “difficult houses”. In full disclosure cases, if there was trouble in the house, some potential home buyers will be concerned about the possibility of ghosts, or traumas for the previous owners. Energetically clearing and blessing a new-to-you house can more truly make it your own.

Energy Blessing and Sanctifying Home Griding: To create a high energy sanctuary space to live and rest in. When you begin or have been working for awhile with personal development, meditation, yoga and your own brand of spiritual practices. This level of energy sanctifying supports you in holding your home at the higher vibrational levels that will support your personal practices, and the well-being of your family and pets also!