Gifts of the Spirit, Introduction to Channeling and Psychic Skills Development

Exchange $360

Everyone has “inner senses” they can develop. Everyone can learn to connect with their “inner guidance systems” to refine their gut-instinct and intuition into a reliable resource.

Our culture is steadily beginning to recognize multiple forms of human intelligence: Logical, emotional, and many others. This is now a concern of human resource managers, psychologists, and human potential leaders.

Developing your “inner senses” to access gut-instincts in a way that you can trust, is becoming a leading-edge skillset for innovators, visionaries, and breakthrough higher order problem solving in all sectors of our culture.

In our rapidly changing world, a developed intuition and gut-instinct can become a reliable internal GPS for navigating a life of meaning and fulfillment. Even as the world around us shifts in exciting, and sometimes challenging, ways.

All this, in addition to being fascinating and fun!

Our location is a private home, just north of the Ottawa Airport.

You begin to develop a remarkable set of resources that will serve your innovation and intuition kinds of psychic intelligence!
You will also then be prepared for the remarkable Levels Two and Three trainings!

In these levels, you are introduced to an extraordinary group of higher level skills and resources.

Program Overview: Practices to enhance your psy-senses. Experience over 12 guided channeling journeys. You will receive a resource manual to support your training.

– Tools of Channeling and Meeting Your Higher Self
– Developing Psy-Skills, Unlocking Qualities of Success and Fulfillment
– Essential Keys to Manifesting
– Balancing Relationship and Healing Your Timeline
– Flow and Clarity, Increasing Your Manifesting Skills
– Transformation and Coherence, The Great Powers of Your Heart
– Insights of Life Purpose, Meeting Your Mysterious Monad
– Aligning With the Forces of Creation
– Meeting the Masters of Light as Allies and Teachers
– Unlimited Power, Archangelic Connections
– Joy and Divinity, Your Authentic Human Nature
– Your Whole Path to Source Unlimited Energy

Expectations and Exchange

You can expect improvement in your inner senses to the degree that you practice the skill development exercises. Progress is often subtle until it reaches a threshold of awareness. Patience balances persistence to give you the growth, over time. Expecting instant results is unrealistic.

You will gain many practical skills and insights to help in your physical life, in addition to developing your intuition and gut-instincts. It is your responsibility as to how you interpret and use the information you receive in your journeys. The information you receive is only and solely for your own guidance and development. It is not meant to be shared with others. This is because each person’s psychology works with their inner guidance, using symbolic forms and qualities that relate uniquely and specifically to that person only.

Please Note: You are NOT being trained to channel readings and guidance for others in this program.
You are building skills, by working on yourself only. These skills will prepare you for Level Two and Level Three, where you will be trained to channel safely and ethically for other people.

The exchange for training is $360.00. Audit repeat students $180
Includes manual.

Due with your registration by Monday March 25th. Cash, check or e-transfer accepted.

Class minimum to go ahead is 3 people (non-audit). Class Maximum size is 10 people.

The class materials are copyrighted. They are not to be shared, they are for your personal development only.

Who are Your Trainers
Tanys Coughlin with Alani Galbraith.

Tanys is a natural psychic with a practical grounding in Human Resources development.

She has 2 years of experience with Gifts of Spirit, she offers this beautiful and powerful course as lead trainer.

Alani Galbraith has been sharing personal development trainings for over 20 years.

She is delighted to be supporting Tanys in this program

Tanys and Alani train with the Spiritual Mystery Schools, 7th Ray School, based in Utah, USA.

Alani has been an Initiated Guide for 15 years and is an affiliate of SMS Global, based in Utah

To Register Contact Tanys at Twillow…..

9:30AM to 5:00PM