Experiential Meditation for Self Care, Creativity and Inspiration

The foundations of vitality are self-care, creativity and inspiration. Relax as you are guided through a 3-part experiential meditation where you learn innovative ways to increase your overall well-being.

Facilitated by Alani Galbraith
Alani has over 20 years of training as a meditation and personal development trainer. She loves to share innovative meditations that are useful for both inner relaxing and benefiting our outer life also!

PART 1 (Earth – Supporting Self Care)
Drum beat and rattle sound vibrations support the heart journey that connects you to the nurturing archetype of Earth, Mother Gaia. Receive 4 power symbolic gifts for manifesting as well as messages from you inner guidance system. This journey is focused on creating a new pattern for your next steps of action and choice in your life.

PART 2 (Water & Air – Connecting with Flow)
Wind chime and rain stick are the sound vibration that is used to support the mind journey. This experience rejuvenates and clarifies energies of water and air. We will work with the energies of water and air to let go of emotional and mental stress by breathing and visualizing. Receive gifts that symbolize YOUR power to flow with change and nurture self-care. This journey is focused on the power of connecting to the transforming energies that open the mind and heart to change and flow in a positive nourishing way.

PART 3 (Fire – Increasing Creativity with Joy)
Spirit Drum and bone whistle sound vibrations are used to support this soul journey. Experience the joy and passion of visualization and meditation around fire; by this sacred fire, memories can be transmuted into freed-up energy which then becomes infused into specific goals of well-being for your life. This journey focuses on the power of soul to open and access a sense of freedom and the possibilities of creating a Life of meaning, creativity and joy.

Please arrive 15 minutes early for event.

Time: 1pm to 4pm
Exchange: $45

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