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The year 2019 holds promise for growth and discovery.
Creating a space in your life to learn about yourself,
Considering new and effective ways to navigate the world,
Choosing what skills and awareness you will develop to support your journey 
It is indeed your life.
What will you choose for your wild and precious adventure?

Adept Of Light, Training and Initiation
When you choose to step up the effectiveness of your life purpose.
When you are ready to grow through uplifting the world.
When you feel called to learn the deep mysteries of Life. 

Next Course Begins:  Saturday March 30th & Sunday March 31st, 2019, 9:00AM to 5:00PM each day

Following Course: Saturday April 6th & Sunday April 7th, 9:00AM to 5:00PM each day

Location, Private Home in Ottawa, Read more…


Develop your present teaching and healing practice with more skills, empowerments and deeper understanding of how energy and consciousness work with spirit.

Looking for a career with greater meaning, satisfaction and contributions to the world? Meeting the huge need to address the deep longing in people’s hearts for greater connection, awareness, effectiveness in their lives and transforming society to a kinder, more collaborative way of living! The foundations and skills are within this remarkable program!

Preparation for Esoteric Teacher and Healer Certification

This year begins a new era, where we can prepare those choosing to take the next step to become Esoteric Teachers &/or Healers. We can now train and support your practical learning, prior to your certification and initiation as a Teacher, in Utah this August. You can then begin to earn money, that you can use toward the training investment. How is this possible? Certification requires you to be able to demonstrate sufficient understanding and skill. Here in Ottawa, we have a team and a new and innovative business model to support you! Read More…


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