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Body ~ Soul ~ Spirit Integration Series

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 Why Does it Matter?

Your Aliveness!

Perhaps you have heard someone say, “As Above, So Below”?

It is a common saying among people developing awareness of how consciousness works in concert with day-to-day life.

 When this awareness is working, there is a connection to your inner sense of your soul and spirit, that is expressed in your daily feeling of aliveness and adventure.

If this is not your experience, it may be that your connections themselves could benefit from some repair and re-energizing? There are subtle ‘circuits’ that for these connections to your inner sense of your soul and spirit.

 Yet… if there is no connection, (which supports your awareness), the “circuits” of energy, are likely disrupted!

Low Energy to High Energy

Most often the source of imbalances and life obstacles are of a subtle energetic nature.  When you are dealing with these limited-flow situations, you simply cannot access enough energy to either recognize the cause, nor to repair the disrupted “circuits”; unless you get more energy from somewhere useful and know where you need to direct it!

 An effective and lasting approach is to gradually build up the layers that create your ‘circuits” of different qualities of energy, with support of highly trained and experienced Ceremonial Healing practitioner. Your instinctive intelligence, which is part of both your body’s automatic healing systems and your soul’s natural movement towards growth, work together as your natural process to clear, restore, and integrate your capacity to heal, grow and become more aware of your authentic self.

 With the support and additional energy of the Ceremonial Healing practitioner, you get the extra energy, where it is needed, so your system can complete its natural impulse to heal and integrate.  With additional energy, directed where it is useful; you receive more inspiration, have more energy to make it happen, and get more lasting satisfaction from the entire process and its results. You feel far more alive!

Stop Just Surviving Each Day!

 Most people are using nearly 70-80% or more of their life force energy just to get through the day! This leaves little energy left for you to do the things that are most meaningful and satisfying, to your uniquely and personally. Essentially most people are too tired to even be aware of their authentic soul level higher needs, which are to grow or contribute. Growth and contribution being considered the highest levels of essential human needs! (ref. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs chart)

 You can access the energy to meet these higher-level needs by committing to receive the 10-session set of the Integration Series of ceremonial healing. 

Support Clearing Negative Thoughts and Emotions

 Each of the 10 sessions uniquely focuses on the various layers and patterns that make up these subtle energy “circuits” within the soul body and spirit body.  Sometimes, experiences of negative emotions, negative thoughts, stress, anxiety, low vitality, unhealthy situations and relationships, etc… are signs of disconnections of this subtle “circuitry”, where the energy blockages can build up into physical expressions of illness, over time.

While, clearly, this is not a medical commentary, human bodies are alive because of an energy and consciousness that infuses the cells. It is at the level of the energy and consciousness that energy healing modalities of many kinds focus. (If you have physical symptoms, please contact your health care provider of choice, of course!)

By re-connecting this subtle “circuitry” in its integrated layers, new energy can flow into your life and consciousness; you rapidly heal the connections and progress in all areas of your life.  With a renewed energy flowing, you are connected to your deepest sense of authentic Self, your inherent sense of purpose inspires your life, and your joy of living expands.

You Are More Than the Sum of Your Parts!

The Integration Series consists of 10 unique sessions. Within each session 54 universal energy “circuits” of your soul and spirit bodies are monitored. Within in each ceremonial-style healing session, partial sets of the “circuits”, those within the specific layer being focused on, are reconnected and aligned. The whole series of sessions rebuilds your whole soul-spirit energy network, over the time of the process. In each session, your integration and reconnection is supported and becomes synergistic. Synergy means the effect of the whole together is something more than the simple adding up of the value of the parts; because the parts connect and work together now. Those parts are You!

The synergistic result offers you a new and more effective baseline in your capacities to hold energy, have more awareness and to get better results in your life, as you have more than enough energy to simply survive each day.

 You have energy to design your own version of thriving!


Here is how your 10-session Integration Series works.

Timing Matters!

For you to get the full benefit, each session must be done within 7 to 10 days of the next. This is ESSENTIAL for the synergistic integration to occur! If you do need a bigger gap in the sessions, you will still benefit greatly from the sessions individually, however the integration will not be as complete as it might have been. Simple fact.

That said, you are about to experience a set of healing ceremonies that is unique and full of the sacred symbolism of light. Washing and anointing, toning sacred names of Divinity, essential oils, and above all, permeating each step and facet of the series of experiences… respect, kindness, and the utmost attention to offering you the highest quality of energy integration possible!

What Do the Healing Ceremonies Focus On?

The sessions include:

 Adam Kadmon DNA activation: Turns on the entire “electrical panel” of your energy “circuitry”. (Note: for those who have previously received this Adam Kadmon activation, a touch up, plus additional elemental energy balancing is done.)

 Tree of Life: activates and packs with energy one of the most sacred patterns of how energy flows between Source and Self.

 Seal of Solomon: activates and connect you with the 12 Rays of Creation, the 7 sacred directions, connecting your heart and soul to all the energies of Creation.

 Toning: activates your connections to Divinity and the Sacred, through toning 5 powerful names of Divinity. All Light first manifests as sound!

 Aura Healing: clears and repairs energy congestion in the energy layers within 1 meter of your body. These often occur due to emotional or physical traumas.

 Purification by Light: a sacred and beautiful cleansing, to clear away repetitive patterns of negativity.

 Etheric Body Healing: clears and balances the energy patterns closest to your physical body.

 Forgiveness Healing: 13 essential oils facilitate clearing reside from past memories.

 Unified Chakras Awakening: Your new Adam Kadmon pattern has an additional layer of 2,418 chakras, which are activated and aligned.

 Starseed Healing: A sound “massage”, with sacred frequencies, aligns your body to higher vibrations and light.

 Location and timing will be arranged.

 Your Benefits May Include:

  • Promotes higher awareness
  • Promotes self-confidence & inner strength
  • Greater clarity of life
  • Accelerated spiritual & personal evolution
  • Greater awareness of Life Purpose
  • Greater awareness of Soul Purpose
  • Greater connection to the spiritual and the Divine
  • Mental clarity & stability
  • Emotional clarity and stability
  • Greater happiness & joy
  • Greater peace of mind
  • Heighten energy & vitality
  • Expanded capabilities to flow more energy
  • Realign your natural energy systems
  • Allows TRUE healing to occur
  • Alignment with the Self, Higher-Self, Soul & Spirit
  • Dissolve away burdens and negativity from life

Summer Special Offer, One Third Off!

A Savings of $500!

Only Until Saturday May 11th!

(Must begin sessions by June 8th, 2019)

 How It Works: You pay THEN pay for either your first 5 sessions, knowing the last 5 are prepaid OR pay for every 2nd session, knowing the next one is prepaid.

Regular Exchange Prices: each session’s exchange is $150, the full series $1,500.

Contact, 613-669-0041 to discuss how to get started!