Adept Initiation of Light

If you care about making a contribution to the world …
If you have a sense of the sacred that inspires you…
If you have experienced a sense there is more than the mundane…

Perhaps it is time for you to discover your Self!


Saturday April 6th & Sunday April 7th 

9:00AM to 5:00PM Each Day. Please bring a bag lunch. Hot tea is provided. Snacks to share are welcome.

Location: Private residence in Ottawa South near airport

PLEASE NOTE: This class registration is through an interview process to determine together if it is a good match for you. If we have not yet talked together, please send me a message, to schedule a chat on the phone or in person.

What does becoming an Adept mean?
When you choose to request Initiation, as an Adept, you are making a significant step in your life. As an Adept, you are choosing to accelerate your development of your consciousness and awareness of what it means to be a human being and our divine and sacred potential. This is a step that is part of the process of “knowing thyself”, as advised by the ancient Oracles of Delphi, in Greece. What is the true potential of being human, we get into discussing this in the training.

What do you mean by “Sisterhood and Brotherhood”?
These terms are used to express the collaborative equality of the people that serve the upliftment of humanity. This also refers to those who have passed from their physical lives and continue to work in the dimensions beyond our third and fourth dimensional perceptions. This includes those who have take the vow of the Bodhisattva and serve as Ascended Masters of Light. What is implied here; is that there is indeed, a plan of progression for humanity, and this plan is covered as an overview in the Adept training.

How old is this tradition?
In becoming an Adept, you are being initiated into a tradition that is thousands of years old.  While there are different schools of Light, or Right-Hand Path schools on the planet, not all offer teachings publicly. Access to most schools, are by invitation only. Presently the Spiritual Mystery School, based in Utah, USA has open access to the introductory level trainings. The Spiritual Mystery School began teaching publicly about 20 years ago.

​In your Adept training, we go into more detail about the school and the others around the world. While some initiates of the various mystery schools have become famous, most work quietly in their careers and professions, uplifting the world and those around them.

What does the Adept Training cover?
The training takes place before the Initiation, so that you are aware of the big picture as you make the choice.
The training has four primary phases:
Cosmology: introduction to the pattern of how our Universe is organized.  How Light creates sound, colour, vibration and much more. The “Who’s who” of Archangels, Masters of Light and other dimensions.
Human Development and Soul: introduction of the patterns of how our consciousness and human energy patterns are designed. How we experience growth and development of our Soul, which continues after physical death.
Kabbalah and the Tree of Life: Kabbalah is the template of both the Cosmology and Human development. You are introduced to some basic correspondences and begin working with the Tree of Life pattern, to increase your awareness.
Rituals of Light and Growth: a ritual is a kind of prayer that calls a specific energy and then directs that energy for a good purpose. You will be taught the correct use of several ancient rituals designed to support your growth and empowerment.

Where does this Initiation come from?
Mystery Schools of Light have existed longer than recorded history.  They have moved around, through the ages, adapting to the needs and dynamics of the people.

The Spiritual Mystery School and Spiritual Mystery Schools Global, are based in Utah, where I trained. I have trained with the Steward Council Overseer, Laurie Secrist, there for over 20 years. Through years of training, I achieved Guide and Ceremonial Master Initiations and now hold the privileged to offer Adept Initiation. As an Initiate, you are being welcomed into the world wide, ancient, and on-going, informal network of people who are working for the benefit and upliftment of humanity. As of 2018, the Spiritual Mystery Schools Global is overseen by an international Stewardship Council. 

I have offered this training for over 15 years as part of my sacred purpose to share insights into the mysteries of light and life, since I became a Guide within the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. I have recently refreshed my training, to stay up-to-date.

What can I expect during the Adept Initiation?
The initiation ceremony itself is an ancient and sacred moment in life. It consists of a simple and beautiful ritual that connects to the highest good and highest light and calls this into connection with you. This connection will last beyond this physical lifetime and support your ongoing spiritual development and empower your work in the world. The ceremony feels much like being knighted.

How long does the training take?
Class is two consecutive days, each usually starting at 9:00AM to approximately 5:00PM. Times and locations vary according to the needs of the participants.

Exchange for class is $350. Initiation is free.
​Cash , check or etransfer work well. Thank you.

Please contact me to discuss Alani at AlaniGalbraith dot com