24 Strand Etheric DNA Activation & Reading  Certification Seminar


Includes Initiation and Attunement as a DNA  Activator! The tools and promotion materials you need to begin to work! Achieve connection to the  Hierarchy of Light and the necessary Empowerment to perform this tremendous  Spiritual work! 

Learn to activate others and add this Powerful and Empowering Modality to your  healing practice. 

• Learn to Read the Divine Lineage, Past lives,  the Contract with God and much more! 

• Program Includes Etheric Healing Wand  (a $250 Value!) NOTE: Wands are made and shipped to us and takes time. For this reason, ADVANCED REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED, with deposit to cover purchase of Wand and shipping.  Deposit $300.00 Canadian.

As a DNA Practitioner, once you have completed your 10 free supervised sessions, you can begin to charge for this service, while you are preparing to be certified in the Teachers Program and Initiation. Teachers Initiation and training increases your capacity to do this work 10X!


The History of DNA Activation  • What is the Spirit DNA, Soul DNA, and how it is  created  • Preparation exercises and meditations  • The Tool for Activation  • Accessing the DNA Light Code and Codons for  activation  • The Activation Ritual: DNA Reading: Reading the  Light Code of Spirit DNA, Soul DNA, and Physical  DNA with a detailed explanation of the kinds of life purpose information available during a DNA Reading  • DNA Activation and Reading Practice!    The World Needs YOU in Service. 

Certify as a DNA Activator and Reader Now! Next Training Saturday April 28th and Sunday April 29th, 10:00AM to 5:00PM each day. Deposit $300 for wand, Trainer Fee $250. Facility Fees $50 (printing and % of space rental), Total, $600

Note: After 10 free supervised sessions, you can begin to be paid $150/DNA Activation session!

Training is taught by Jason Francis, with Alani Galbraith.