24 Strand Adam Kadmon DNA Activation and Life Purpose Reading

-When you choose to increase your personal effectiveness and accelerate your spiritual growth!

24 Strand DNA (Etheric Light Encoding) Adam Kadmon Activation:Opens access to more fully expressing your Life Purpose and your Soul’s evolution. A permanent empowerment shift.


It brings in, then enables you to hold more  light within your physical body  • Empowers you to maximize your potential to  bring forth unrealized talents and abilities   • Gives you more Energy and Clarity  • Strengthens your Immune System  • Assists releasing of Unconscious patterns  • Increases your ability to use more of your  brain  • Creates the greatest potential for the  full connection and integration with your  Higher Self  • Facilitates clearing of family and genetic  karmic patterns.


Your DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is an  essential component of all living matter  and it consists of a sugar base, phosphates, and a sequencing of nucleotides. It  is unique and very personal. It contains  encoded information relative to both your  physical and spiritual lineage. This information determines your physical form,  hereditary maladies, mental proclivities, emotional and behavioral patterns, spiritual gifts, and much more!

The DNA also  carries a form of Light Coding from Spirit.  This coding carries detailed information  about your Spirit and its experience before this life, your purpose in this life, your  relationship contracts, and it even defines  the timing of many events in life!

DNA is the blueprint for your life purpose  and divine potentialities. Your DNA contains the blueprint for who you are as a  Divine being. It is God‐given, holy, and  defines your uniqueness because it contains the encoded information regarding  your physical and spiritual lineage.

The  DNA Activation and reading gives you  access to the secrets and mysteries of  who you are and what your purpose is. It  helps you answer the questions: “Who am  I, Why am I here? What are my gifts and  talents? Where did I come from?”   Until now, this method has been inaccessible to all  except Initiates of Mystery Schools and certain  spiritual masters—holy people dedicated to serving  the Light. Activation of the 24 Strands of Physical and  Spiritual DNA is now being offered to all humankind. 

This complete DNA activation has the potential to  bring you into a divine state of being called the Adam  Kadmon or Divine God Human. The DNA Light Coding includes Spirit DNA, Soul DNA,  and Physical DNA. This coding is accessible in specific  locations of the etheric energy body just outside the  physical body.

All 3 levels of the DNA can be activated  by Light as it is channeled through a specially made  Etheric Wand. This light flows into the codons and  then outward to activate the body, soul, and the  spirit. Over time the 12 Physical DNA strands will  activate and so will the Spirit strands. The result of  this is Complete 24 Strand DNA activation.   

DNA Activation has been used in the secret teachings  and ceremonial practices for many thousands of  years. These techniques have traditionally been used  to activate and empower High Priests and Priestesses,  healers, psychics, and great teachers. It was used as a  rite of passage in the ancient mystery school  traditions.

Some believe that this activation has come  to us from ancient Atlantean Technology. As the new  millennium progresses and the dawn of an age of light  begins, each of us is moving out of the limited human  experience into a different level of being—The Adam  Kadmon, the Divine God Human.


Alani Galbraith, Jason Francis, Tom Kuzma,

In Certification Process (Trained, Practicing and Preparing for Certification): Tanys Coughlin, Kandis Lock, Rebecca White Raven, Jason Dalnoki, Crystal Francis


In this  Certification Training Program you learn  to work with the Light Code of the DNA to  activate and read it! 

Reading the Light Code we call DNA is something that  everyone can learn to do. With the proper training  and knowledge of activation and reading techniques  you will be able to open the DNA Strands that I call  “codons,” to activate, empower, and read the Light  Code for your clients!  


Who is a candidate for DNA Activation?  DNA Activation can be performed on anyone!  There is only one reason activation is offered,  EMPOWERMENT! 

Can I activate my own DNA?  Many technologies and techniques are available that will open the DNA to the 12th  strand. Activating strands beyond that require  the service of one who is trained and initiated  at the physical level to offer this specialized  spiritual work.   

Does DNA Activation heal disease?  This activation is not a healing per se, but is an  empowerment that can aid each of us in our  healing process.   

Can DNA Activation be done remotely?  No, this requires physical activation.   

How long does the DNA Activation take to  complete?  Most integrate the light and begin manifesting  the Adam Kadmon Light Body within nine  months. The session is about 1 hr.   

Do I need more than one DNA Activation in  my lifetime?  Only one activation is necessary. Many benefit  from tune up sessions. In my experience, everyone likes the light. We have found that tune  up sessions 3 to 6 months after Activation is  supportive. It is not recommended to have  tune ups more frequently than every 4 weeks.   

Antimony is used to clear the cellular level  after DNA Activation. 1 Set is Required.

Additional Personal Empowerments Recommended Following your DNA Activation

Crystalis & Puricatio: Energy supplements. Alchemically charged waters, created by our Master Alchemist herself. Bottled in a sterile food processing center. 1 set is required and highly recommended to make the early transition phase of integrating the extra light easier. Eases “detox” symptoms.

Unified Chakra Awakening: Supports the new 24 Strand DNA activated Light Body