There have always been shamanic healers who create and offer specialty items to give your wishes an extra energetic boost! While you can take classes and trainings to learn to create many of these items yourself, some items takes years of training to learn how to make. These are short cut options, where the specialty items can be make or aligned to match your wishes and goals. (These items will ONLY be for positive goals, empowerments and wishes for YOURSELF only! This is in alignment with Sacred Law.)

Unique Ceremonially Infused Essential Oil Blends: When we do group ceremony, such as the Aphrodite’s Love Oracle Temple, we also blend a unique-to-the-event customized essential oil blend. The blend is then highly infused with the positive high vibrations of the ceremony. Essential oils are perfect for holding these energies for a long time, making the high vibrational qualities that you would have experienced in the ceremony, available to you months or even years afterward!

Our first Unique Ceremonial Oil is Aphrodite’s Temple February 2019. This delightful blend includes subtle rose and frankincense oils, it is also infused with a gem energy of rose quartz. The beautiful rose and green glass roller bottles are available in 8ml $27.00 and 5ml $18.00 sizes. Limited quantity available.

Customized Blessing Prayer Candles: Candles prepared in a sacred method have the ability to act on your behalf as if you yourself were continually in a prayer, intention or focused state. Life is busy, so a prayer candle can keep working for you while to do other important things!

Personalized Charms: for Abundance, Finding Love, Increasing Business, Fertility and many more! These are traditional herbal charm bundles, that you activate and wear for a specific amount of time. They also act as an ongoing prayer, energy attraction or intention, while you focus on other important aspects of life. They have worked for thousands of years and the recipes we use have been handed-down in a good way, respecting traditions and are aligned only with Sacred Law, for your own personal empowerment.

Custom Astrological Talismans: for Prosperity, Love , Well-Being and specific empowering astrological alignments and conjunctions. Consultation to select what crystal the energy is best anchored in and clarifying the optimal timing is essential well in advance of the timing of the astrological event!