In Life there are times when something special and powerful is called for! When that situation shows up, there are options.

Turning the Wheel of Life: a physical life realignment. When there is a quality in your life that you have been seeking to manifest and it just is not happening! In many shamanic cultures and esoteric teachings for thousands of years, it was understood that human physical life has 12 alternate expressions. When the quality you desire is not present in the dimensional expression you are in, perhaps another expression holds that experience for you. With an interview process, you select the qualities and, if it is possible, your Wheel of Life can be turned to begin shifting into another expression of your life.

To do the Turning the Wheel of Life Ceremony, you must be clear on 3 questions.

A) What quality or qualities are “Must-Have’s” that you do not have now?

B) What quality or qualities are you willing to let go of or must let go of?

C) What quality or qualities “Must” you keep in this new version of your life?

Expect the transition to take two full years to manifest new results in your physical life! Ancient and powerful shamanic ceremony

Higher Light Initiation: to Integrate and support your spiritual growth after you have been working for some time! As we work to develop our consciousness and awareness, working to increase the energy we can hold in our chi and soul body levels there often comes a point where an extra super boost of energy is valuable to pop us up to the next level. This huge infusion of light into the soul body helps to clear out the “residue” of issues you have resolved, and the remnants of the ‘charge’ on traumas and disappointments along the way. It clears remnants of karma and supports progress toward conscious enlightenment!