Life brings us many challenges. Whether these are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, these challenges often show up in the energy field patterns than infuse and surround our physical body. Clearing, balancing and energizing these patterns and subtle structures promotes increased healing, a greater sense of being effective in life and facilitates growth and progress in all areas of life.

Etheric Body Energy Clearing and Balancing: multiple integrated protocols are used to check and balance the wide variety of energy templates around and infused with your body

16 Petal Energy Balancing: supports your sense of overall well-being, in addition to both your capacity to manifest and to meditate effectively

Aura Healing: trauma, grief, stress all can create energy leaks and energy blocks in the subtle electro-magnetic fields surrounding the body. Clearing these contribute to all other levels of healing.

Starseed Healing: for energy boosts that ease addiction, depression, anxiety or just get you through a busy and demanding time. A beautiful tuning fork style of sound healing that expands your access to energy, for a significant period of time.