Extraordinary Opportunity, Extraordinary Offer!

Body – Soul – Spirit Integration: a Ceremonial Healing Series

Special Winter 2019 Offer! A Huge Savings of $500 for the beautiful and powerful Ceremonial Healing Series. 

Introducing Spiritus Luminous Energy Healing and my new location in Ottawa! 

    The Body-Soul-Spirit Integration Series of ceremonial style energy healing is   unique and extraordinary experience. The set of 10 sessions, each lasting an average of 2 hours is designed to awaken, align, activate, clear, heal and energize 54 “circuits” of energy that make up the subtle layers of energy that influence our conscious awareness and our experiences of life.

  • Promotes higher awareness
  • Promotes self-confidence & inner strength
  • Greater clarity of life
  • Accelerated spiritual & personal evolution
  • Greater awareness of Life Purpose
  • Greater awareness of Soul Purpose
  • Greater connection to the spiritual and the Divine
  • Mental clarity & stability
  • Emotional clarity and stability
  • Greater happiness & joy
  • Greater peace of mind
  • Heighten energy & vitality
  • Expanded capabilities to flow more energy
  • Realign your natural energy systems
  • Allows TRUE healing to occur
  • Alignment with the Self, Higher-Self, Soul & Spirit
  • Dissolve away burdens and negativity from life

This many benefits is an impressive list. How do the approximately 20 hours of individual sessions accomplish this? Each session steadily “turns on” more of the subtle energy “circuitry” that is infused throughout your physical body and around you, it is part of what makes you, You.

Perhaps you have heard that most people only use 10% of their brain? This is not out of choice! They have not yet awakened the subtle currents of connection that underlying using these more of these dormant areas. After all, our Mind is not in our Brain, Brain is only a part of a great whole. When you think about it for a few moments, it’s clear that a human being is more than just a collection of parts. There is a consciousness, an awareness, and life force that infuses all parts of us.  This includes the subtle electromagnetic fields around us that science is just beginning to measure. The same fields of energy that sensitive people have been able to perceive through the generations.

Each session is a beautiful, unique experience. Learn more about them here. You are treated as a sacred being, with respect and kindness. Sacred tools and methods are used to contribute to your greatest well-being and your highest good.

I have been privileged to offer this series over the past 15 years and it continues to amaze me, the beauty if brings into the lives of those who commit to receive the entire set. 

There a commitment to do the sessions within a specific time frame, to get the synergistic “click” of them all being higher energy at the same time! While each session is powerful on its own, life can drop the capacity of that particular system, because it is not supported by the others. Yet, when all 10 are completed within the space of no more than 7 to 10 days apart, they serve to support and re-enforce each other, even during daily stresses and life happening as it does. You get a permanent higher base line of energy flow systems to work with!

To make this precious healing opportunity more accessible Winter months, I am offering a huge incentive of $500 savings, along with asking for a $500 commitment up front.

Each session is usually $150, making the wholeness of the series a everyday price of $1,500.00. During the Winter 2019 sale, you can receive these 10 unique and extraordinary ceremonial healing sessions for $1,000.00 total.  $500 deposit, then pay $100, for either the first 5 sessions, knowing the 2nd half is prepaid OR pay $100 for every second session, knowing the alternative one is prepaid.

This huge value offering is ONLY AVAILABLE until Wednesday March 20th at 7:00PM EDT. (Must begin by Wednesday April 17th, 2018)

Locations and Times will be arranged at Spiritus Luminious or as needed..

To discuss how you can take full advantage of this special offer and savings, please contact me at Alani at AlaniGalbraith dot com

Women Redefining Our Future

As women step forward to take on new roles in our culture, who will define how we describe these roles?

First there were matriarchal cultures, then we moved into patriarchal cultures. Now we have learned all we can from these patterns and we are just beginning the second decade of partnership cultural patterns. These are emerging within us, and how we choose to define these roles will create templates for future generations. What will we choose? What are you discovering within your own life?

We will take a brief look at relationship through the ages and then share ideas of how we choose to create new healthy patterns and how we will define our roles now and in the future.

I will be sharing my perspective as an initiated clan mother and facilitating discussion among all women present.

Beautiful Grand Water Trine Talismans

I am delighted to begin offering crystal talismans, in collaboration with John Irving of LightningDreams.com!

Each talisman is made with sacred ceremony to anchor in the beneficial and life enhancing aspects of significant astrological alignments. It is like being able to duplicate the energy of an especially good day and keep it with you!

Check out the article about our first set of Talismans, which are pre-selling like crazy right now! Limited number available, so first come, first pick!

Grand Water Trine Talismans – Limited Availability